WhyDuck, Krystian Ścigalski,
Kolonia Artystów Gallery, Gdańsk
September 2019
Size 50×70
Technique: screen printing, copper and black ink, Fabriano paper 200g
Limited edition – 80
The world in human history…?
The main character, a sublime diva under the cover of the Moon, focuses men’s attention on her presence. The Goddess holds in her left hand (from heart side) an apple – the Fruit of Understanding while in the right one the Emotional Flower with the reach of the All-seeing Creator’s Eye. The woman hypnotizes dancing mortals who blinded by their love for her, want to win her heart. Prone to everything, they fight for her favor, wage wars, fall at her feet. Ungrateful or platonic love? Love that is doom for them.